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dance classes for young boys and girls in MassachusettsAll young children reap the cognitive and emotional benefits of interacting with other children. The right social environment will help children develop stronger language skills, nurture creativity, social intelligence and confidence.

Learning to work with others, developing communication skills, understanding social cues, and building friendships are just a few of the advantages of an NEDA early childhood dance program like Little Steps. We have had 31 years to perfect our curriculum so your child could reap the benefits!

New England Dance Academy will work with each family to create a plan that works best for each individual child. Some children run right into the classroom, while others need coaxing. Each faculty member has an Assistant Teacher on hand to help with any students who might need a little more TLC.

We understand that for many of our youngsters, dance is their first introduction to school and their first time separating from their parents. You have nothing to fear; New England Dance Academy has your back and will work with you to make the transition seamless!



Little Steps Classes


Tutu Cute

Ballet, Tap and Tumble (Ages 2-3)

Designed for the specific needs of our 2 year olds. This class is a wonderful introduction to the structure of a classroom setting, while allowing children the freedom to explore their own natural movement. Dancers will learn to march, gallop, and roll; jump, twirl, wiggle and giggle; all while using their imaginations to go on exciting adventures.


A Star Is Born

Ballet and Acrobatics (Ages 3-4 and 4-5)

A unique program developed by NEDA to introduce our young dancers to the fun and spirit of the art. These classes aid with coordination, the development of fine motor skills, musical awareness and listening skills. This preschool dance class allows an introduction to the classroom setting in a fun, and nurturing environment.


Classes are fun and interactive. These classes utilizes games, stories and song to teach balance, rhythm and coordination. The level 1 syllabus for ballet and Acrobatics is introduced through Creative Movement.


Musical Theater Sparkle Stars

(Ages 3-5)

Little ones will enter a whole new world of creativity and fun. They will dance with crowns and swords, wands and tiaras, tutus and more! They will enjoy some of their favorite Disney and Broadway show tunes as they leap over the glitter rainbow and twirl into a new world of imagination!


Ninja Hip Hop and Flip

Hip Hop and Acro (Ages 3-4 and 5-6)

Our little Ninjas will learn to hop, pop, kick, jump and flip - while building confidence! The basics of hip hop and acrobatics are introduced.


Broadway Boogie

Musical Theater Jazz, and Tap (Ages 4-5 and 5-6)

This fun and exciting combination class will introduce our little dancers to the beginning of musical theater, jazz and tap; Focusing on fun and energetic classes while developing performance skills. Offering a wonderful combination of jazz and tap to nurture a sense of rhythm and timing.


Pop Star

Hip Hop (Ages 4-5 and 5-6)

This free form, energetic, vibrant style of dance will have your child dancing down the aisle in every supermarket! They will explore a wide variety of skills and styles while building strength, flexibility and endurance. All students will be encouraged to express themselves. This high-energy, fun, electric dance style is sure to put a smile on your dancer's face.


Fine Arts Club

Ages 2-5

Want something more? Check out our Preschool Fine Arts Club! Students participate in Dance, Yoga, and Fitness classes while enjoying Music, Art and Drama daily. Click here to learn more.










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ballet classes for toddlers
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ballet classes for preschoolers
tap classes for preschoolers

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