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The Discover-It Experience is an innovative preschool dance program designed specifically for your young dancer. The Best Preschool Dance Classes In Massachusetts, our Dance Makers Faculty will help your little one explore imagination, creativity, and curiosity through our specialized preschool dance curriculum. 

Our studio provides a safe, nurturing environment where your child will strengthen their imagination and curiosity.
   Will your child DISCOVER new friends in their NEDA dance class?
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The 4 Pillars of Our Discover-It Experience

For young children who are DISCOVERING the world around them, our award-winning preschool dance program helps young children advance in  physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.

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   Improved Physical Health - Don't be fooled by all the fun! Our young children's dance program is a highly physical activity. It doesn't just increase your child's physical strength, flexibility, and stamina - it also improves muscle tone, posture, balance, and coordination.

   Educational Benefits - Learning doesn't stop when your child leaves the dance classroom. Dance lessons ignite creative thinking, discipline and focus. 

   Strong Social Skills - Your child will improve their social and communication skills. Your child will learn the value of teamwork, building friendships, trust and cooperation. 

   Overall Confidence and Independence -Your child will learn memory skills, and with learning choreography their overall confidence improves. This boost in confidence is a direct link to greater self esteem and attitude.

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NEW Me & My Shadow!
Caregiver and Child Dance Class!
18 Months to 2 years!
Mondays 9-10am

The Discover-It Experience

Each Discover-It Class Will Include A Classical Foundation and:


Grab your tap shoes and get ready to move! We encourage both boys and girls in this class. In addition to the Discover-It curriculum dancers will learn additional tap and jazz. These fundamentals will further develop their gross and fine motor skills. Wear tap shows and any style of dance/active wear.


We encourage both boys and girls in this class! In addition to the Discover-It curriculum dancers will have the opportunity to discover acrobatic foundations. This additional element will aid with coordination, the development of fine motor skills, musical awareness and listening skills. Students will work on the graded system of acrobatics for flexibility, stretch and control. Bare feet will work here as well as any type of dance/active wear.

   Musical Theater

We encourage both boys and girls to this class! As well as the Discover-It curriculum, adding the Musical Theater element allows our little ones to enter a whole new world of creativity and fun. They will dance with crowns and swords, wands and tiaras, tutus and more! They will enjoy some of their favorite Disney and Broadway showtimes as they leap over the glitter rainbow and twirl into a whole new world of imagination. Students in this class should wear white ballet slippers and any type of dance/active wear.

   Hip Hip

We encourage both boys and girls to this class! Adding the Hip Hop Element will teach our students how to follow directions. Works on communicating through body language and focuses on movement for story telling. Our little Ninjas will learn to hop, pop, kick, jump and flip while building friendships and confidence! Bare feet will work here as well as any type of dance/active wear.

   Fine Arts Club

(Dance, Music, Art, Drama, Fitness, and Yoga) NEDA's Fine Arts Club is a fun and active program that allows boys and girls to develop skills and talents at a young age. Children participate in Dance, Yoga, and Fitness classes while enjoying Music, Art and Drama daily. A fun new theme is offered each week. Each class is filled with numerous opportunities for creativity and imagination while using a whole-body training approach. Classes are 2 hours long for 2-3 year olds, and 2.5 hours for 3-5 year olds.



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Getting Started at NEDA is Simple

We understand that for many of our youngsters, our program is their first introduction to school and their first time separating from their parents. You have nothing to fear; Our faculty are experts in the field! They love children, love to teach, and they exude energy, warmth, and bright smiles. We have your back and will work with you to make the transition seamless!

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Step 1 - We want to make sure you like us and could see your child dancing with us!
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Step 3 - We will share options we think will best suit your needs and set your child up for success!
Step 4 - We help you choose the class that best fits your needs...It's that easy!

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"Both of my daughters danced at NEDA and their experience was more than we ever hoped for. The teachers, in addition to be caring, kind, friendly, upbeat and fun; take the time to thoughtfully plan their classes, develop progressions based on each student's individual ability level and provide a safe and supportive environment. Every dancer is included, every dancer is important. Students may enjoy dance on a recreational level or push themselves to dance at more advanced College and or professional levels. The friendships my daughters have formed at the school have become their lifelong best friends and their teachers became second parents, providing life lessons that transfer easily, from dance to school to their professional careers today. If I had to do it over again, I would in a heartbeat. Best decision I ever made!!"

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"I know you are very aware of how awesome the NEDA family is, but I felt like this needed to be highlighted. This week has been a very tough week for Izzy not only in regards to her health, but emotionally as well.The NEDA dance moms have been simply amazing and I am very lucky to call them my friends and adopted family. They have checked on us each day asking how we all are doing and if we needed anything. On Friday a mom dropped off a gift bag of arts and crafts for the kids as well as notes and cards from Izzy's classmates. The out pouring of love didn't stop at the parents and kids, each one of Izzy's teachers reached out to me through email, IG or Facebook to check in on Izzy and see how she was doing. With us being transplants to MA and having no family in the area I'm so thankful for the NEDA family. Not all heroes wear capes, some wear a fanny pack full of on fire red lipstick, bobby-pins and hairspray!"

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"We were at 3 dance schools before we found NEDA! We love NEDA. The teachers are outstanding, dedicated, professional and caring. We call NEDA "our home away from home" - a safe and fun place to build a solid dance foundation and love for dance. We are so happy we found NEDA for our little dancer!"

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