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NEDA Dance Team

New England Dance Academy is always seeking motivated, enthusiastic dancers, who take their weekly classes seriously and constantly strive to improve. If you have the love, the commitment, and the determination, then NEDA WANTS YOU!

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If you are new to NEDA Dance Team and would like to set up a private audition consultation, please contact us at (508) 699-4959 or by email at info@newenglanddanceacademy.com.

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Dance Team Auditions

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Ages 6-7 | Ages 7-9 | Ages 10-12 | Ages 13-15 | Ages 16-18

The Mini Dance Team - ages 6-8
The Junior Dance Teams - ages 9-12
The Senior Dance Teams - ages 13-18
The Junior Acrobatic/Tumbling Team
The Senior Acrobatic/Tumbling Team

Each dance team and age division has different minimum requirements. If you have any questions concerning weekly class activity - please call the studio at (508) 699-4959.


COMPETITION DANCE GENRES - Team dancers compete in Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics, Lyrical Jazz and Modern. We also compete in the Production category. For additional information on our Dance Teams, please e-mail us: info@newenglanddanceacademy.com