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Stephanie Kemp of NEDAWhy Choose NEDA


New England Dance Academy has become the premiere training facility for dancers and acrobats of all ages. Our unsurpassed dance instruction supports discipline, artistry, handwork, dedication, honesty, kindness, and integrity.

NEDA's unparalleled reputation has been fostered by the studio's ability to develop not only the dance but the dancer. We have built a reputation for top notch programs and first class instruction, evidenced by countless awards and recognitions. NEDA was recently honored by The Industry Dance Awards as one of the Top Dance Studios in the country, an honor we accept with pride!

What Parents Love Most About NEDA...

  • Our Flexible 6-Day Schedule
  • Always Organized
  • Our Professional and Caring Faculty
  • Our State-of-the-Art Facility
  • Our Spectacular Year-end Productions
  • Our Family Atmosphere
  • 32 Years of Excellence
  • We Offer Top Instruction for Every Age and Level

Our Philosophy


We endeavor to provide our students with the highest quality of dance education possible. In hopes that all of our students, whether they study with us for one hour per week or everyday, will gain a love and appreciation for dance.

We believe that all students should learn the art of dance - taught by qualified instructors in a caring, positive environment.

We work to build a DANCE FAMILY. A family that supports each other, celebrates victories, and creates lifelong friendships.

We thrive on educating the entire individual teaching and inspiring our students, both in and outside the classroom.

Our Pledge to You


As a teacher of young children, we understand the importance of being prepared to teach. We understand the impact that our behavior, appearance, and knowledge have on our students. We recognize that we are role-models and that everything we do and say makes a lasting impression.

We will not only teach dance, we will share our love of dance with all students. We will strive to make our lessons exciting and impactful so that our students will grow and learn, and we can dance together for many years to come!

Our Mission

...to Lay the Foundation and Let Our Dancers Soar!


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"Our experience at NEDA has been nothing but fantastic! The teachers are all wonderful with children, very talented, and clearly love what they do. We have been going to NEDA for 3 years and the communication with parents to help ensure young kids are adapting and happy was really important to me. They transitioned flawlessly into providing a safe, fun environment once the pandemic hit. I feel confident and safe sending my child there and greatly appreciate everything they are doing. They are truly a dance community that cares. "


Jennifer Davis
Attleboro, MA