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Let's Hear it for the Boy!

At NEDA, our Hip Hop and Acrobatics Programs are a great way for our male students to improve balance and coordination, while building athletic endurance.

All Boys Hip Hop Crew
This popular, energetic program allows are male students, of all ages and levels, the opportunity to move with freedom. They are encouraged to find their own personal style and creative personality.

Headed by the "one and only" Josh Perez, the Hip Hop Crew is sure to inspire today's youth as they groove to today's industry trends. The program runs September through June for boys wishing to perform.



If your son wanted to dance, would you support him?


1. Dance builds strength, coordination, agility and fitness. Dance keeps boys in condition and fit for all sports.
2. Dance builds healthy bones and muscles.
3. Teamwork - Dance is a team activity. All boys have to work together to create the best result.
4. Mental Sharpness - The discipline necessary to learn the dance steps requires focus and positive thinking.
5. Confidence - A reserved student builds self-esteem and character.
6. Health - General conditioning, improved lung, heart function and Brain function are optimized.
7. Creativity and Self Expression. Unleash the inner artist - Boys are natural movers! Society can sometimes diminish the boy's need to express and process emotions.
8. Leadership - Dance creates leaders in the classroom. Something they will carry with them throughout life.
9. It’s fun!! Josh Perez, our All Boys Hip Hop teacher is electric, fun, and his story is inspiring!

10. NEDA is offering a 6-week All Boys Winter Jam workshop! So LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOY!


Dancing is COOL! Join NEDA now and get ready to move!




"NEDA is a place where kids of all ages are happy doing what they love ... dance!
The teachers are upbeat and positive. They have the most amazing recitals with amazing performances from all of the classes. At NEDA, you are a winner all the way around!"

Gloria Silva