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New England Dance Academy offers a wide variety of classes for boys and girls of ages. Available in beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, our class offerings provide each student the opportunity for a well-rounded performing arts education.

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Tutu Cute
Ballet, Tap and Tumble (2-3 year olds)

Designed for the specific needs of our 2 year olds. A wonderful introduction to the structure of a classroom setting, while allowing children the freedom to explore their own natural movement. Dancers will learn to march, gallop, and roll…jump, twirl, wiggle and giggle; all while using their imaginations to go on exciting adventures.

Fine and gross motor skills are developed and enhanced as are listening skills and social interactions with others. The teacher's encouragement and praise cultivate an immediate love for the art. All students at NEDA are taught proper terminology and technique but we have always found even our youngest dancers can learn properly in a loving, nurturing environment. The level 1 syllabus for ballet and tap are introduced through the use of creative movement and props.

A Star is Born
Ballet and Acrobatics (3-4 and 4-5 year olds)

A unique program developed by NEDA to introduce our young dancers to the fun and spirit of the art. These classes aid with coordination, the development of fine motor skills, musical awareness and listening skills. This preschool dance class allows an introduction to the classroom setting in a fun, and nurturing environment.

Classes are fun and interactive. These classes utilizes games, stories and song to teach balance, rhythm and coordination. The level 1 syllabus for ballet and Acrobatics is introduced through Creative Movement.

Broadway Boogie
Musical Theater Jazz, and Tap (4-5 and 5-6 year olds)

This fun and exciting combination class will introduce our little dancers to the beginning of musical theater, jazz and tap. Focusing on fun and energetic classes while developing performance skills. A wonderful combination of jazz and tap to nurture a sense of rhythm and timing.

Pop Star
Hip Hop

This free form, energetic, vibrant style of dance will have your child dancing down the aisle in every supermarket! They will explore a wide variety of skills and styles while building strength, flexibility and endurance. All students will be encouraged to express themselves! This high-energy, fun, electric dance style is sure to put a smile on your dancer's face.

All Boys
Hip Hop

This boys only hip hop class is a great atmosphere for the boys to let loose with their peers. Dance helps build flexibility, coordination, self awareness, as well as improve motivation and creative thinking. Full of energy, this class will give these boys the advantage to succeed on ANY stage or field.


Children begin to learn the exercises necessary for mastering the placement of the body, the legs, the arms, and the head. They work in class on the development of skills and the coordination of steps. The classes become increasingly complex as students advance through systematic development. As their training progresses, emphasis is placed on developing strength, stability, and grace.

Classical Ballet Repertoire/Pointe

Pointe is an extension of serious ballet training and all students will be evaluated and placed at the discretion of the instructor. Ballet students who are promoted to Level 5 are the only students considered for Pointe work. All Pointe students are expected to dance a minimum of 3 hours per week.


Contemporary/Jazz Technique

This multi-Level form of dance technique, therapeutic in value, has evolved from Classical ballet with a focus on musical theater, lyrical dance, African and modern dance. In all levels, body awareness through proper alignment and conditioning are stressed. Through a structured series of dance sequences, quick movements, isolations, and complicated rhythms, Jazz dance in its many forms may be experienced and enjoyed by all.

Designed for students to learn and develop both technical skills and aesthetic fundamentals, Contemporary/Jazz Technique class material will include dance technique, terminology, and basic kinesiology. Wonderful offshoots of Jazz include Lyrical Jazz and Hip-Hop.


A wonderful assistance to the physical body. In addition to being fun, students in the Cirque/Acrobatics class experiences improved flexibility, coordination and strength. Acrobatics enhances the development of gross motor skills, and as students begin to excel at mastering tricks, self-confidence is achieved.

Rhythm Tap

The study of rhythm and precision. Tap is an exciting art and an excellent foundation in dance education. In addition to learning the dance steps basic to most tap instruction, we encourage a full body approach which encompasses all forms of dance as a means of enhancing the overall technique.

Classical Modern/Improvisation

Prepare for a future in dance. Increase flexibility, strength, and stamina. Learn how to use breath and body awareness to enhance ability and express identity. Instruction is designed to awaken individual talents and freedom of self-expression.

Musical Theater

Learn the fun of drama, music, dance, theater games and improvisation. Students will participate in song and dance routines to music from musicals and movies.

College Preparatory Classes

New England Dance Academy students are prepared for an academic advance into the College and University Arena. Students are prepared for College Auditions, including but not limited to individual study in All Course Performance Work, Dance History, Kinesiology, Choreography and Improvisation. Whether your interest takes you to a career in the performing arts, or a PHD in Dance Education. The professional faculty at NEDA will work together to prepare the foundation each dancer requires to help them achieve their goals.




Fine Arts Club

New to NEDA!
Fine Arts Club is a well-rounded fine arts education, that's expertly crafted just for boys and girls ages 2-5. Training includes Dance, Yoga, Fitness & Health, Music, Art and Drama. Learn more here




"NEDA has been a great environment for Brianna; she has made many friendships and has really gained confidence. We can't wait to see how she grows as a dancer in the years to come at NEDA!"

Tom & Danielle Burke