New England Dance Academy
165 John Dietsch Square
North Attleboro, MA 02763

(508) 699-4959


Take Your Skills to the Next Level

If you have an enthusiastic dancer who LOVES dance and is excited about taking the next step in furthering their dance education, then Dance Club is the program is for them!

These dancers train 3-4 hours per week. They need a minimum of Jazz and Musical Theater and will have a 1.5 hour choreography class.

While Dance Club does not participate in competitions, these dancers will represent NEDA at local and community events and showcases.

Contact the studio at (508) 699-4959 to learn more about Dance Club.



"We stay with NEDA because here, we don’t just get dance lessons; we get instructors who are passionate about their sport, who teach the children to work hard, to be a team, to win and lose gracefully, and to get right back up if they fall."

Jennifer Papagolos